About the Fortnightly Music Club FAQ

I’m an agent for Mary T. YoungArtist.  She has an impressive performance resume and has won lots of competitions.  Can you book a concert for her? 

The Fortnightly Music Club is not a concert booking service.  It is a community of performing artists and enthusiasts who support each other by volunteering club operations, attending each other’s performances, and playing chamber music together .  (Ms. YoungArtist would greatly appreciate it if you did your homework by checking for this information first.)


Who gets to perform at the Formals?  Do the performers get paid?

Only Performing Members of the club who have passed the club audition can request to perform.  The Program Chair decides during the preceding summer who performs that season.   Performing Members have the option of hiring musicians for their ensemble.  Otherwise, there is no payment for performing.


How many concerts are there?

There are a total of 14 concerts, 8 of them public Formals, 6 of them private Informals.  You must be a Member or an invited guest of the Informal host to attend and perform in Informals.


Is the Fortnightly Music Club a nonprofit?

It is.  We have kept costs historically low by staffing exclusively with part-time volunteers who are Members of the club, whether they are General or Performing Members, and by having a co-sponsorship agreement with the City of Palo Alto.  We are not, at this time, registered as a 501c(3) organization.  While we do accept small donations and have annual dues, our balance has been low enough to enable relatively simple administrative and accounting operations.


I only feel like being a Performing Member every other year.  Therefore, can I just pay my membership dues every other year?

By not choosing to not pay dues you are forfeiting your membership.  To re-enter, you can rejoin the club immediately as a General Member by paying current dues.  To regain Performing Member status, the board will have to review your case on their own schedule to determine whether you need a reaudition, or whether you have the integrity to operate as a full-fledged Performing Member.  If you only want to officially be a member every other year, the board will question your integrity.


I’m a Member of the club. Why do I keep getting contacted by the club for volunteering?

See the answer to “Is the Fortnightly Music Club a nonprofit?”


I’m a member who learned English as a second language and don’t feel comfortable making speeches or writing club letters.   How can I be a board member?

You can be a board member!   There is plenty to do within club operations without making public speeches or writing letters.  We have had ESL members serve on the board for many seasons.


Can I bring my young child to the concerts?

If your child is able to sit relatively still and stay quiet while watching a live performance, yes.  Some people can do this at age 3.  Some are still trying get there at age 50.


I’m one of those who’s still trying to get there at age 50. Am I allowed to come?

Uh, no.


Is there free food?

We usually have light refreshments after each Formal Concert.


Can I take pictures, videos, or recordings of the concert?

Only if the performers agree to it—ask them first!



Preview of Fortnightly’s new (actually, old) home

In anticipation of our return to the Palo Alto Art Center, we attended the open house on 4/14.  Here’s what the auditorium looked like:

IMG_0972Our two old friends, finally out of storage.



View from stage with spotlight.



Chairs audience will sit in.  Folding chairs available for performers.



Green room, now doubling as an office.



Mics, projector, screen, lectern, adjustable piano benches.


They’re back in business!  We’ll be here next season.

A harpsichord makes a rare appearance…

On April 10, we will find Beethoven, Faure, Satie alongside Naudot and Telemann.  Our Piano Chair Ching Shih, soprano Peggy Spool, cellist Lucinda Breed Lenicheck and violist Noriko Iwamoto are performing in the April 10 Formal Concert.

Come to Lucie Stern Community Center Ballroom to check it out:  http://bit.ly/1UTxdvF

      Peggy Spool, soprano