Preview of Fortnightly’s new (actually, old) home

In anticipation of our return to the Palo Alto Art Center, we attended the open house on 4/14.  Here’s what the auditorium looked like:

IMG_0972Our two old friends, finally out of storage.



View from stage with spotlight.



Chairs audience will sit in.  Folding chairs available for performers.



Green room, now doubling as an office.



Mics, projector, screen, lectern, adjustable piano benches.


They’re back in business!  We’ll be here next season.


A harpsichord makes a rare appearance…

On April 10, we will find Beethoven, Faure, Satie alongside Naudot and Telemann.  Our Piano Chair Ching Shih, soprano Peggy Spool, cellist Lucinda Breed Lenicheck and violist Noriko Iwamoto are performing in the April 10 Formal Concert.

Come to Lucie Stern Community Center Ballroom to check it out:

      Peggy Spool, soprano